The Main Reasons I Like

Of all dating sites, I like two the most: and Eharmony. I talked a bit about Eharmony previously, so today I will be focusing mostly on and talking about why I like this site. online datingOften, people pick sites based on the niche they are interested, or based on the features the site offers. To me, this is the wrong way to pick a site. Regardless of how many neat bells and whistles a site has, it won’t do you much good unless the dating site has the one key component for success, which is a large, vibrant community. The same goes for niche sites. While the idea of niche sites for online dating is no doubt a good one, the fact remains that the majority of niche sites simply do not see a lot of activity. Hence, it becomes pretty boring and lonely when you use these types of dating sites.

Going back to my point, a large, active community is the most important part of making a dating site work. This is the reason I prefer, as it has a pretty large membership consisting of millions of active users. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that there are also many inactive profiles that are still listed on the site. Because of this, I always tell people to pay attention to the date of someone’s last activity before interacting with them. You’ll just be wasting your time if you contact people who haven’t logged on for months. is also great because there is a lot of activity there. More so than other sites, I’ve noticed there is a lot of messaging and communication that seems to go back and forth between the members. As for the type of members attracts, there are all types of people on the site. It is a very diverse community, so if you are looking for something specific, you’ll have to learn how to use some of the features in advanced search.

If this all sounds appealing to you, I encourage you to try for free with this trial offer. This particular free trial lets you use the site for 3 days and do all the things that paid members are able to do. After the trial is over, your account will continue to be valid, but you won’t be able to freely message other members unless you buy a subscription.