The importance of Calcium and Magnesium

Today, I’d like to spend a bit of time talking about the importance of taking Calcium and Magnesium supplements. As you probably already know, calcium is crucial for bone and teeth health. But studies have shown it can help you with many other issues such as maintaining a lower blood pressure.

Vitamin World CouponYou may wonder why such supplements are necessary, and I will admit that for many people, they are not. If you get plenty of dairy or drink calcium-fortified drinks, there is a good chance that you’re already getting enough calcium.

But many people are allergic to dairy or avoid it for health reasons such as being a vegan. For these people, getting sufficient calcium can be a challenge. The ideal solution for such people is taking calcium supplements. One potential issue is that calcium supplements tend to be very large, making them difficult to swallow for some people.

That is why I myself prefer to buy calcium chews. These are soft chews that you can eat a couple times a day, and they typically contain about 50% of the recommended amount of calcium per chew, along with Vitamin D, which should be taken together with calcium to ensure maximum benefit.

Many calcium supplements also include magnesium, which is important for lowering inflammation and maintaining ideal blood pressure. Most people are not getting enough magnesium, so I recommend getting a calcium supplement that includes magnesium if possible.

Buying supplements from local health food stores is perfectly fine, but be aware that the selection may not be that great, and you will usually end up paying more than you would online. That’s why my own preference is to buy my supplements from Pureformulas, an excellent online vitamin store that I’ve been using for years. Online buying is also advantageous to you because you can get discounts, such as a Pureformulas┬ácoupon I used not long ago to get a great deal on my order. Learn more about how to get discounts by using Pureformulas promo codes.

If you are worried about running out of supplements, you can enroll in auto-ship programs at most vitamin stores. This way, you will always get your bottles you need before you run out. You may eventually end up having more vitamins than you need when using auto-ship, but you can always put such programs on pause for a brief period should this happen to you.

For more about the benefits of calcium, I recommend watching the video below.

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