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Why should anyone buy contact lenses online? There are two reasons, actually, and I will go over each one in detail below.

First and most importantly, you will end up paying less for contact lenses that you buy online. And the contact lenses you receive from online stores will be the exact same ones you would have purchased from your doctor’s office. So why are the prices lower? I believe it is because online stores have lower overhead, and also have to deal with more price competition. It’s easy for someone online to search for the lowest contact lens price, so sellers online have a greater incentive to offer the lowest prices.

In addition to the already low prices, by shopping online, you can also use online coupons. And example of this would be coupons that I used to get a discount on my order along with free shipping. The importance of free shipping cannot be underestimated when you are buying products online, as shipping costs can easily offset any savings you’d be getting on the product itself. For the best online coupons, I recommend checking out these coupon codes from

The second advantage of online buying is that your lenses will always be in stock. This has not been the case for me at doctor’s offices, and I frequently have to return a week later to pick up my lenses. At online stores like, I have never run into a situation where they didn’t have my specific lenses stocked and ready to deliver.

You may worry that you won’t have time to order and wait for your lenses. At most optometrists’ offices, however, they will give you a week’s supply of lenses, so you should be fine. Most contact lens stores will deliver your contacts in just about one week, and you always have the option to pay extra for express delivery as well. The best thing to do, however, is schedule your eye exam a couple weeks before you expect to run out of lenses. This will give you plenty of time to place an order online and receive your contact lenses.

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