Dating Apps or Eharmony?

eharmony advertisementDating apps like Tinder are highly popular of late, thanks in part to the fast-paced, hectic lives we live. I’ve read reports that many people are on their phones a lot more than their computers. It’s no surprise then that a lot of people will attempt to find a date using their phones.

In today’s ADD society, using apps to find a date may seem like a good idea, but I disagree. The real question is what you want out of life. Do you really think someone who is serious about finding a relationship will be turning to an app? Usually, the answer to this question would be no. Therefore, if you just want to date casually, using an app to find a date may be the answer you want at this point in your life, but people who want a relationship that may lead to something meaningful like marriage, are better off looking elsewhere.

So where does that leave you? The best choice for people who really want a serious relationship are dating sites like Eharmony. Right from the start, it is obvious this site takes its business very seriously. You can’t even join the site until you complete a personality test. The test results are then used to match you with other members with similar characteristics. And studies as well as testimonials prove that Eharmony, more than any other site, has led couples to eventually get married. It may very well be the first step to some thing special for you.

The good news is that it’s free to join Eharmony. You can take the test, review the matches you receive, and even do some basic communication (referred to guided communication) for free. If you are interested in trying out this great site, click here to get the Eharmony free trial.

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