Finding a good anti-virus program

popular antivirus solutions

If you’ve used computers for any length of time, you understand the importance of having a good security software program or anti-virus program running in the background at all times. Sometimes, your ISP will provide you with such software, but there are other instances where it will be necessary for you to purchase your own. Some reliable brands include Norton and Mcafee.

For individuals on a budget, free software may also be an option. While most free programs aren’t quite as good as software you purchase, they still offer a basic level of protection that is far superior to having nothing installed at all. Another option is to use free trials, which you can get not just for software but also for web services like Gamefly. I always recommend using a free trial before making a purchase,

Regardless of whether you buy a program or download a free one, it’s important to read reviews and select a well-rated anti-virus solutions. PC Mag reviews programs every year, and you should check out their article before making a final decision.


Renting from Gamefly vs. Buying Videos Games – A Look at the Pros and Cons

I have a Gamefly membership, and for the most part, I rent games that I want to play from them. With something like 8000 titles available, it’s not hard to find many great games to try out. And I really love the fact that I can keep the games as long as I want.

Mortal Kombat XThis arrangement works well for me since I’m someone who bores easily, and I usually don’t play a game for more than a couple weeks. For someone like me, it makes little sense to buy all my games. Not only would I go broke doing so, I’d end up with a ton of games I no longer play sitting on the shelf.

The only people for whom it makes sense to buy games are people who really fall in love with games and play them repeatedly over the course of many years. I do know of such people. But even for those people, I would think that renting a game first is the smart way to test out a game. If you don’t do that, you can end up purchasing games which you believe you will fall in love with, but don’t. This happened to me numerous times, until I finally wised up and got myself a Gamefly subscription. Therefore, even if you like to purchase your games, I highly recommend that you join Gamefly. You can get 1 month free to check out the service, if you go to Free Trial

So what should you do if you have a lot of games you purchased that you no longer play? Sell them! With sites like Glyde and Ebay, there is no reason to leave these games on your, shelf collecting dust. You won’t get full retail price, but you should have no difficulty getting 60 – 70% of retail, which is a lot better than nothing. This is what I did with my old games before joining Gamefly.