Best free (or cheap) dating sites for 2017 and beyond

Dating online is highly popular, but people often feel like they need to juggle quality vs. price. The traditional wisdom is that to get good results, you must pay a hefty price. But this is not necessarily true when it comes to online dating. Here are some dating sites that are affordable or free, which you should consider joining.

    There is a reason this site has been so dominant since 1995. In addition to being easy to use, has over 10 million users all over the country. Anyone can obtain a free account, which lasts forever unless you delete it. With the free trial, you can do things like create a dating profile, upload photos, browse other members, receive messages, and send “winks.”If you are interested in, you’ll want to take advantage of the free 3-day trial at, which allows you to do even more than the standard free account. You can read more about by visiting our earlier post on online dating.
  2. Elite Singles
    If you value education and consider it an important factor in finding someone to date, a good site for you may be Elite Singles. A majority of people on the site have a bachelors degree or higher, with many holding masters or doctorates. Free memberships (with no expiration) will allow you to do standard things like creating a profile and uploading pictures. If  you become a paying members, you will be able to take advantage of the matchmaking algorithm which will usually give you a handful of matches each day, which you can review at your leisure. One potential downside of Elite Singles, however, is the size of the membership, which is estimated to be around 290,000.
  3. Zoosk
    This is another highly affordable dating site that is well-suited for singles who use the phone a lot since it has many good mobile features. With a free account, you will receive all standard features to get started. Given that Zoosk is integrated with Facebook, in most instances you will be able to complete your profile fairly quickly.

The Main Reasons I Like

Of all dating sites, I like two the most: and Eharmony. I talked a bit about Eharmony previously, so today I will be focusing mostly on and talking about why I like this site. online datingOften, people pick sites based on the niche they are interested, or based on the features the site offers. To me, this is the wrong way to pick a site. Regardless of how many neat bells and whistles a site has, it won’t do you much good unless the dating site has the one key component for success, which is a large, vibrant community. The same goes for niche sites. While the idea of niche sites for online dating is no doubt a good one, the fact remains that the majority of niche sites simply do not see a lot of activity. Hence, it becomes pretty boring and lonely when you use these types of dating sites.

Going back to my point, a large, active community is the most important part of making a dating site work. This is the reason I prefer, as it has a pretty large membership consisting of millions of active users. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that there are also many inactive profiles that are still listed on the site. Because of this, I always tell people to pay attention to the date of someone’s last activity before interacting with them. You’ll just be wasting your time if you contact people who haven’t logged on for months. is also great because there is a lot of activity there. More so than other sites, I’ve noticed there is a lot of messaging and communication that seems to go back and forth between the members. As for the type of members attracts, there are all types of people on the site. It is a very diverse community, so if you are looking for something specific, you’ll have to learn how to use some of the features in advanced search.

If this all sounds appealing to you, I encourage you to try for free with this trial offer. This particular free trial lets you use the site for 3 days and do all the things that paid members are able to do. After the trial is over, your account will continue to be valid, but you won’t be able to freely message other members unless you buy a subscription.

Essential printing for your small business

Own a small business? If so, then you’ve probably learned that one of the most important components of success is effective marketing. Many business owners today rely almost exclusively on online marketing, but I’m here to tell you that there is still a good deal of offline marketing you should be doing if you want to maximize your exposure.

One of the prime ways to promote your business offline is by using printed products, like business cards, postcards, posters, banners, and brochures. Depending on your business, what exactly you choose to have printed may vary. But regardless of the type of business you run, you should be using some amount of printed marketing materials. Here are my thoughts on what printed materials you might want to use.

Business cards – These are absolutely essential for any business. If you are on a budget, you can get some nice business cards printed cheaply at online printing companies like Overnight Prints. At such sites, you can also rely on business card templates so you don’t have to come up with your own design. Be certain to use Overnight Prints coupons if you use this vendor.

Postcards – Postcards are terrific marketing tools for local businesses. They’re cheaper than regular letters and oftentimes have a lot more impact. Although they cost a bit more, the larger postcards are usually worth the extra cost, since studies have shown they get more attention.

Coupons – One great way to promote your business is to offer coupons. You can get them printed pretty cheaply at places like Overnight Prints, and have them included in mailing packets sent by organizations like Valpak.

Brochures – If you run a business that might require a bit of explaining, brochures are a perfect way to get the job done. Brochures can be relatively expensive, so if you are looking to save money, you might consider using flyers as well.

Always know what’s coming down the pike and plan ahead. I favor using online printing companies because they are cheaper and oftentimes allow you to use online coupons for extra savings. My favorite online printer at this time is Printplace. (You can read more about them at, where you can also get some promo codes). They print your materials very quickly and are competitively priced, and I’ve been satisfied with their quality of work.

The importance of Calcium and Magnesium

Today, I’d like to spend a bit of time talking about the importance of taking Calcium and Magnesium supplements. As you probably already know, calcium is crucial for bone and teeth health. But studies have shown it can help you with many other issues such as maintaining a lower blood pressure.

Vitamin World CouponYou may wonder why such supplements are necessary, and I will admit that for many people, they are not. If you get plenty of dairy or drink calcium-fortified drinks, there is a good chance that you’re already getting enough calcium.

But many people are allergic to dairy or avoid it for health reasons such as being a vegan. For these people, getting sufficient calcium can be a challenge. The ideal solution for such people is taking calcium supplements. One potential issue is that calcium supplements tend to be very large, making them difficult to swallow for some people.

That is why I myself prefer to buy calcium chews. These are soft chews that you can eat a couple times a day, and they typically contain about 50% of the recommended amount of calcium per chew, along with Vitamin D, which should be taken together with calcium to ensure maximum benefit.

Many calcium supplements also include magnesium, which is important for lowering inflammation and maintaining ideal blood pressure. Most people are not getting enough magnesium, so I recommend getting a calcium supplement that includes magnesium if possible.

Buying supplements from local health food stores is perfectly fine, but be aware that the selection may not be that great, and you will usually end up paying more than you would online. That’s why my own preference is to buy my supplements from Pureformulas, an excellent online vitamin store that I’ve been using for years. Online buying is also advantageous to you because you can get discounts, such as a Pureformulas coupon I used not long ago to get a great deal on my order. Learn more about how to get discounts by using Pureformulas promo codes.

If you are worried about running out of supplements, you can enroll in auto-ship programs at most vitamin stores. This way, you will always get your bottles you need before you run out. You may eventually end up having more vitamins than you need when using auto-ship, but you can always put such programs on pause for a brief period should this happen to you.

For more about the benefits of calcium, I recommend watching the video below.

Also, don’t forget to check out for more information about how to save on vitamins.

Dating Apps or Eharmony?

eharmony advertisementDating apps like Tinder are highly popular of late, thanks in part to the fast-paced, hectic lives we live. I’ve read reports that many people are on their phones a lot more than their computers. It’s no surprise then that a lot of people will attempt to find a date using their phones.

In today’s ADD society, using apps to find a date may seem like a good idea, but I disagree. The real question is what you want out of life. Do you really think someone who is serious about finding a relationship will be turning to an app? Usually, the answer to this question would be no. Therefore, if you just want to date casually, using an app to find a date may be the answer you want at this point in your life, but people who want a relationship that may lead to something meaningful like marriage, are better off looking elsewhere.

So where does that leave you? The best choice for people who really want a serious relationship are dating sites like Eharmony. Right from the start, it is obvious this site takes its business very seriously. You can’t even join the site until you complete a personality test. The test results are then used to match you with other members with similar characteristics. And studies as well as testimonials prove that Eharmony, more than any other site, has led couples to eventually get married. It may very well be the first step to some thing special for you.

The good news is that it’s free to join Eharmony. You can take the test, review the matches you receive, and even do some basic communication (referred to guided communication) for free. If you are interested in trying out this great site, click here to get the Eharmony free trial.

Contact Lens Deals at

Why should anyone buy contact lenses online? There are two reasons, actually, and I will go over each one in detail below.

First and most importantly, you will end up paying less for contact lenses that you buy online. And the contact lenses you receive from online stores will be the exact same ones you would have purchased from your doctor’s office. So why are the prices lower? I believe it is because online stores have lower overhead, and also have to deal with more price competition. It’s easy for someone online to search for the lowest contact lens price, so sellers online have a greater incentive to offer the lowest prices.

In addition to the already low prices, by shopping online, you can also use online coupons. And example of this would be coupons that I used to get a discount on my order along with free shipping. The importance of free shipping cannot be underestimated when you are buying products online, as shipping costs can easily offset any savings you’d be getting on the product itself. For the best online coupons, I recommend checking out these coupon codes from

The second advantage of online buying is that your lenses will always be in stock. This has not been the case for me at doctor’s offices, and I frequently have to return a week later to pick up my lenses. At online stores like, I have never run into a situation where they didn’t have my specific lenses stocked and ready to deliver.

You may worry that you won’t have time to order and wait for your lenses. At most optometrists’ offices, however, they will give you a week’s supply of lenses, so you should be fine. Most contact lens stores will deliver your contacts in just about one week, and you always have the option to pay extra for express delivery as well. The best thing to do, however, is schedule your eye exam a couple weeks before you expect to run out of lenses. This will give you plenty of time to place an order online and receive your contact lenses.

For other tips on saving money, check out my Discount Shopping Guide, which was my first post on this site.

Finding a good anti-virus program

popular antivirus solutions

If you’ve used computers for any length of time, you understand the importance of having a good security software program or anti-virus program running in the background at all times. Sometimes, your ISP will provide you with such software, but there are other instances where it will be necessary for you to purchase your own. Some reliable brands include Norton and Mcafee.

For individuals on a budget, free software may also be an option. While most free programs aren’t quite as good as software you purchase, they still offer a basic level of protection that is far superior to having nothing installed at all. Another option is to use free trials, which you can get not just for software but also for web services like Gamefly. I always recommend using a free trial before making a purchase,

Regardless of whether you buy a program or download a free one, it’s important to read reviews and select a well-rated anti-virus solutions. PC Mag reviews programs every year, and you should check out their article before making a final decision.


Renting from Gamefly vs. Buying Videos Games – A Look at the Pros and Cons

I have a Gamefly membership, and for the most part, I rent games that I want to play from them. With something like 8000 titles available, it’s not hard to find many great games to try out. And I really love the fact that I can keep the games as long as I want.

Mortal Kombat XThis arrangement works well for me since I’m someone who bores easily, and I usually don’t play a game for more than a couple weeks. For someone like me, it makes little sense to buy all my games. Not only would I go broke doing so, I’d end up with a ton of games I no longer play sitting on the shelf.

The only people for whom it makes sense to buy games are people who really fall in love with games and play them repeatedly over the course of many years. I do know of such people. But even for those people, I would think that renting a game first is the smart way to test out a game. If you don’t do that, you can end up purchasing games which you believe you will fall in love with, but don’t. This happened to me numerous times, until I finally wised up and got myself a Gamefly subscription. Therefore, even if you like to purchase your games, I highly recommend that you join Gamefly. You can get 1 month free to check out the service, if you go to Free Trial

So what should you do if you have a lot of games you purchased that you no longer play? Sell them! With sites like Glyde and Ebay, there is no reason to leave these games on your, shelf collecting dust. You won’t get full retail price, but you should have no difficulty getting 60 – 70% of retail, which is a lot better than nothing. This is what I did with my old games before joining Gamefly.

Discount Shopping Guide

Welcome to our website. will be a blog dedicated to saving you money. We will do this by providing posts and guides on how to get discounts and coupons on the items you buy. The site will be eclectic, covering a wide variety of topics. In addition, we are friendly and invite you to contact us if you have any feedback or questions about the site.

With all that said, let’s get started. Since this is our very first post on the site, we thought we’d start out by providing you with a handy discount shopping guide. Whether you’re doing your shopping online or offline, there are plenty of ways to save cash. Let’s cover offline shopping first.

Discount Offline Shopping

Costco warehouseAs much as possible I try to purchase items online before buying them from brick and mortar shops. This is because I’ve noticed, from experience, that you typically get a much better deal by purchasing on the Internet. In some cases, you can avoid paying sales tax as well.

But there are still going to be plenty of things you’ll have to buy by going to physical stores. The following are some ways I save money when shopping at local stores.

  1. I always look for coupons. For local shopping, pay attention to coupons you receive in the mail. Valpak is my favorite at the moment, but there are plenty of others that you should be receiving on a regular basis in your mailbox. You can also search for coupons online. Many merchants offer coupons on their website, which you can print and take with you in order to receive your discount.
  2. Buy used. We are all in the habit of getting new items, but for many products, you can easily find a used item that is just as good. Things I always buy used are cars, some furniture (such as book shelves), and books and CDs. Garage sales and Goodwill are great places to find quality used items.
  3. Join warehouse clubs. Costco and Sam’s Club are two of the more popular warehouse clubs. Not only will you pay less for the items you buy, you will also be buying in bulk, which usually gets you much better deals.
  4. Buy generic products. I’ve said it many times in the past and I’ll say it again. Generic products are usually just as good as brand alternatives. Get in the habit of buying generic, and you’ll save hundreds of dollars each year. You won’t find generic alternatives to everything you buy, but when you do, I recommend always buying generic.

Discount Online Shopping

As mentioned earlier, I always prefer to buy online if at all possible. In almost all cases, I am able to get a lower price on the Internet. I encourage everyone to therefore do as much of their shopping online as possible.

Here are my tips for getting the best deals when you purchase products online:

  1. Hunt for online coupons. You should keep an eye on coupon sites like Groupon to find deals. Also, check for coupons on sites like Retailmenot before you make an on line purchase. You’ll be surprised to discover that in most cases, you will be able to find a coupon for something you are purchasing online. For example, I use Ink Farm promo codes all the time when I buy printer ink online.
  2. Always compare prices. There are a couple different ways you can go about comparing prices. The easiest way is to use a shopping comparison site like Nextag. But I know from experience that this doesn’t always give you a merchant with the lowest price. So it’s also a good idea to have some of your favorite discount shops bookmarked, and check with those stores as well. Make sure you factor in shipping costs, so that you’re comparing apples to apples. Incidentally, you can get shopping comparison apps, which allow you to make comparisons while you are away from your home or office. Read this article to find out some of the best apps for this purpose. You won’t always find a comparison site for a product you may be shopping for. An example of this would be ink cartridges, where I often find I simply need to visit a few popular stores like Inkfarm and do the comparisons manually.
  3. Purchase in bulk. For many products, such as printer ink or vitamins, you tend to get better prices if you buy large quantities. In many cases, larger orders will allow you to qualify for free shipping as well. Buying in bulk is therefore almost always in your best interest. Obviously, if your buying a large quantity of perishable items, you’ll want to pay attention to expiration dates and make sure you don’t order too much.
  4. Buy used. Online, there are tons of things that you can purchase used. Some of the best things you can buy used are books, CDs, movies, and video games. Amazon has quite a few used sellers for such products. Ebay is also a good alternative. And lastly, there are many websites like Glyde that are dedicated to selling you quality used goods.

In the coming months and years, we will be providing many more posts on specific ways to save money. But these general guidelines should get you started on the road to living more economically.

We also recommend checking out this video on bargain shopping: